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"The I Am Light Curriculum gives you a perspective of yourself that you did not have previously.  It opens you up to the various blockages and restrictions that may have been created in this life or in another time.  It allows you to see more of yourself as a Being of LIght and as an essence of the Divine."                                                               
 - Ascended Master Kuthumi       

Welcome to the I Am Light Meditation and Curriculum. This transformational curriculum, co-created with the Ascended Masters, Archangelic Realm and other realms of light, is designed to assist individuals in consciously reconnecting to themselves as the authentic powerful heart centered creators they were designed to be by Source. 

This pathway of increasing self-awareness leading to full self-realization and ascension is now available to humanity. 

The use of boundless and limitless light from Source, called Ain Soph Light, carries divine wisdom and awakens higher expressions of consciousness and love bringing you into coherency with Universal Mind.

This curriculum offers:

  • Classes taught live weekly or biweekly
  • Guidance from Master Kuthumi, the heart Guidance from Master Kuthumi, the master teacher of his curriculum
  • A comprehensive written student handbook with class by class concepts and other helpful resources
  • Direct assistance from Beings of Light through regular energetic infusions of Ain Soph Light (divine living light) field
  • A step by step framework of tools and techniques used in a daily prayer and meditation practice
  • An energetically layered experience with input from many realms of Light resulting in an acceleration of spiritual growth and self-awareness

Why should YOU take the I Am Light Meditation and Curriculum?

  • If you are looking for increased self-mastery and self-awareness, the tools taught in this effective program can assist you in achieving this.

  • If you want to increase daily experiences of limitless love, more effective creativity and inner access to peace and harmony, this can be achieved by using the I Am Light prayer and meditation practices and through receiving the infusions of Living Light given to you which expand your sacred heart.

  • If you want to create a different life experience, using the Rays of Creation taught in this curriculum, allow you to address and transform your thought and emotional patterns into the creation of a more expansive and joy filled life experience you truly want to have.

  • This curriculum transforms the psychological, emotional, mental, physical and spiritual principles needed for you to set your feet firmly on an ascension pathway.

  • The I Am Light Meditation and Curriculum provides a complete heart centered foundation for fully incorporating conscious, permanent changes into your daily life and by applying the practices of this program you can more fully embody the perfection of your Soul Schematic as created by Source.


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"It is I Kuthumi, Chohan of the Second Ray of Love and Wisdom.

I come to you at this crucial time in your evolution and transformational shift in consciousness to support you and give you encouragement to persevere during these very unsettling times. 

What seems to be chaotic to you is not at all. 

What you are witnessing now is all a result of what you have created from lower states of consciousness both consciously and unconsciously."
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I ALight Meditation and Curriculum

A Universal Spiritual Path of Ascension co-created 
with Ascended Master Kuthumi