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 A Universal Spiritual Program For Ascension
I ALight!

A Universal Spiritual Path of Ascension 
co-created with Ascended Master Kuthumi
"The I Am Light Curriculum gives you a perspective of yourself that you did not have previously.  It opens you up to the various blockages and restrictions that may have been created in this life or in another time.  It allows you to see more of yourself as a Being of LIght and as an essence of the Divine."                   
                                                              Ascended Master Kuthumi

Welcome to I Am Light Meditation and Curriculum, a universal spiritual curriculum designed to assist individuals in reclaiming and reconnecting to the conscious awareness of their authentic self as a divine Light of Source.

This program is a well-established pathway to higher consciousness and uses divine Ain Soph Light, the boundless and limitless Light from the Godhead. This living Light assists in awakening and developing humanity’s consciousness and in establishing a strong connection to the awareness of our true essence-- loving, eternal, and unique souls created as divine expressions of Source.

The I Am Light Meditation and Curriculum was especially designed to provide a step-by-step framework of concepts, tools, practices, and support resources so individuals may pursue their spiritual truth and embody the essence of who they truly are. The concepts of this program are fully supported by many realms of Light as well as by Universal Mind.

The intention of the I Am Light Meditation and Curriculum is to assist individuals in raising their consciousness. This program offers increasingly intimate self-awareness and self-mastery along with tools to increase personal Light quotient. By building your Light quotient and holding yourself in love as a reflection of Source, you attain a higher state of consciousness that allows you to create a life experience of choice rather than reaction. The result is limitless love, creativity, peace, and harmony. As you do this for yourself, you do it for others.

This curriculum uses both conventional educational principles and powerful energetics to accelerate your spiritual growth and your path to higher consciousness. The lessons cover psychological, emotional, mental and metaphysical principles. By utilizing the daily practices of this program, your Light quotient increases and you are able to access intimate self-awareness and self-mastery which allows you to navigate the states of higher consciousness. 

Each lesson provides background information, practices, resources, channelings, guided journaling, and suggestions for fully incorporating these conscious changes into your daily life. By embodying these concepts, you are able to elevate your consciousness into a more refined alignment with the perfection of your soul schematic. In addition, to help accelerate your spiritual evolution, energetic infusions are given to you on a regular basis by the Ascended Master Realm and by the Archangelic Realm resulting in a powerful, transformative experience on all levels of being.

The I Am Light Meditation and Curriculum helps you to build self-awareness, self-mastery, and strengthens your communication with The All That Is. All of these are essential ingredients to elevating your state of consciousness and to allow you to address and shift your thoughts and emotional patterns that are not in alignment with the life experience you wish to create.  

Enjoy your journey and may this program light your path to awakening to your higher states of consciousness and your divinity. You are divine Light created by Source in full perfection, glory, love and power.  

You are LOVED! You are LIGHT!

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